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May 2012
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PA days of sunshine and rain…
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Posted by: Ann @ 8:42 am

Again it has been many more days between blogs than I planned. Spring is a busy time of year for all of us country folks, lots of yard work to do as we transition from one season to the next. My daffodils were so gorgeous this year. They multilpied like rabbits! I replanted some to different flower plots and gave several bunches to family and friends who planted the bulbs so they could see the beautiful yellow flowers next spring as a reminder that another winter passed and a new spring is here. Though we had a our heaviest snow of the winter on April 23, right on top of those hardy daffodils… and they perked right back up after the snow melted! Amazing floral species.

Many months of hard work has come to fruition. Revised 2012 edition of Mother Love is now availble thorugh any book store and as well as on Amazon and B& E-pub of Mother Love is also available for the convenience of e-readers. Whew…Please check out the snappy new cover which fits the story so much better than the original.

I spoke to the Bradford Senior Center on behalf of Bradford Manor Nursing Home in April. Topic was The Writing Process. They were a kind and attentive audience. On May 5 I led a two hour workshop at the Olean Library in Olean, NY on Women Writing on Family: Tips on Writing,Teaching and Publishing . Again I was fortunate to have a very interested and attenive group. And there were several attendees who showed real writing talent duiring the Writing Exercise.

I’m finally getting my Facebook Timeline updated…and almost understand how to continue the process! Now I am ready to get back to my writing again, real writing!

The most memorable book I read in the last month was So Big by Edith Ferber, copyright 1924. It was recommended to me by a new friend. She said it was the first book she could remember reading and loved it as a child. It was refreshingly sweet and I wish all high school and college students would read it…the ethics protrayed in this book could do so much to help our country find its way back to the core values that no longer seem to be a relevant part of our nation.

I also read the Hunger Games, after seeing the movie and loved both versions. It’s a very thought provoking concept of the future… Maybe that’s why I liked So Big, it took me on nostalgic journey to a safer time and place …after the Hunger Games jolt into a very unsavory future.

 If you want to make any comments regarding my blog or anything else, please do so. I always love to hear from readers.

Till next time…keep reading, my friends!

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