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June 2019
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Roll out those lazy hazy days of summer…
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Posted by: Ann @ 11:43 am
We arrived home from a week at Bethany Beach, Delaware last night. We rented a large house a couple miles from the beach and filled it with 20 family members, four under five! It was a wonderful time. We enjoyed perfect beach weather and they were all careful about sunscreen, no one got a bad sunburn. It took some cajoling to get our teens into the sunscreen habit, but after their first day at the beach, when they returned to the house pink and bit sore to touch, they decided we may be right! Closer home than the Carolina beaches and everyone appreciates the less drive time. 
I managed to read two good books last week. I read the seventh Bay Tanner Mystery, Sanctuary Hill by  Kathryn R. Wall. I am really going to miss Bay Tanner when I finish the next seven in the series! Publisher Weekly stated, “Wall once again delivers credible characters, a gripping plot and pitch-perfect local color.” The LowCountry Weekly stated” Curling up with a Bay Tanner book feels just as it should - like settling in for tea with an interesting old friend, always familiar, yet  always surprising.” I couldn’t agree more!
My second book was Educated, A Memoir by Tara Westover. It was shockingly raw at times but always a page-turner. I would loved to have been able to discuss it with other readers…maybe I’ll be able to talk my book club into it. She was denied an education and suffered what most would describe as an abusive childhood. The Newsday review stated,  “Westover is able to see the mix of  good and evil, of  pride and hurt, in all these people, including herself. Rather than demonize, she wishes to understand. A brilliant mind so long constricted proves elastic and inventive… Westover writes with uncommon intelligence and grace…”  I highly recommend this memoir.
I also read a few other books  earlier in the month. They were okay but not really worth mentioning and I am under tight time restraints today.
We watched one outstanding movie, Bohemian Rhapsody. It is a powerful movie with great music, from Netflicks.
On the evening of June 20th, I spoke about writing and my books, at the cozy Marionville Library to a group of book lovers from Marionville and Tionesta. It was a wonderful interactive group, and I think we all had a good time. If your group would be interested in having me visit, please contact me through my blog. 
Till next month, keep reading my friends. 
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