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April 2019
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Another Rainy Night in Pennsylvania
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Posted by: Ann @ 8:04 pm
Everything has burst into green and the daffodils are blooming - what more could we want?  Maybe warmer weather and less rain! But everything comes in its own time, not ours. They say patience is a virtue, maybe that’s why so few people actually have it. I used to pray for patience but it seemed I only received more troubles. Then my minister told me our patience grows from our trials and tribulations. I immediately stopped praying for more patience!

We had a lovely Easter with lots of family, friends and plenty of good food. The great grands enjoyed the indoor Easter egg hunt. It seems like only a couple years ago we were hiding eggs for the grandchildren and now its their children. In retrospect, how time flies.  

I had a book signing, meet and greet at On the Side Books last Saturday afternoon for my new novel. It was fun and my loyal supporters came out in force. Bless them all.

My husband’s memoir was released last week. The Man From Baghdad, it turned out to be a wonderfully packaged book, reviews and early reader reports have been very enthusiastic. It’s available on Amazon. If you search for the title it comes right up. 
Back Cover Memoir Blurb: The Man From Baghdad offers readers a glimpse into his early life in Iraq. The Middle East is so often misrepresented in today’s media, people often forget that Babylon was the cradle of civilization. But these poignant, timely and historic recollections of an Iraqi American physician will stay with readers long after reading his memoir.
These stories were told to family and friends over the years, and with much urging, he documented  these tales to share with a wider audience — his vivid descriptions of Bedouin life, guffas, as well as tribal savagery, and family ties told through the eyes of one who experienced it firsthand, and much more. His stories will likely change your views of what you thought you knew about Iraq. 
Follow the author ’s journey from Baghdad to Bradford, with his initial immigrant experience and through the many detours and roundabouts, he compares his past in Iraq to his future in America.
I have read several books this month, three more of Kathryn R. Wall’s Bay Tanner mysteries. And not a Penny More, Perdition House, and Judas Island. Fiction. I love her characters, the plots are intriguing since I’m somewhat familiar with the area from our many short vacation trips to Hilton Head. I highly recommend these books to fans of murder mystery series.  

All the Tears in China by Sulari Gentill. Fiction. A popular and prolific Australian author. My friend in 
Melbourne sent the book to me. I really enjoyed it. It is part of her award winning Rowland Sinclair Mysteries series. The quirky characters are likable and the plot twisted in many unexpected ways. It is a refreshing and different story, enjoyable and engrossing.  

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. Fiction. WOW! This was the most powerful novel I have read in many years. One I will never forget and want to read again. I absolutely loved it! The NY Times Book Review stated: “Painfully beautiful… At once a murder mystery, a coming of age narrative and a celebration of nature.” All true and yet there is so much more to this novel. I read one negative review online; it was obvious after reading the novel that the disgruntled reviewer had not even read the book!

We watched one exceptional movie from Netflicks: On the Basis of Sex, the Ruth Bader Ginsberg story. 
It was inspiring and well done. I highly recommend it. 

Busy getting ready for lots of guests from three different countries plus the USA to celebrate my husband’s 90th birthday…more about that next month. 
Till then, keep reading my friends.

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