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December 2019
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Happy New Year - 2020!
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Posted by: Ann @ 11:42 am
Wow! 2020, it’s hard to believe that in a few hours the 20-teens will be history. I wonder in the whole scheme of things, how this last decade will be remembered. I suppose that will vary from person to person, and country to country … depending on the circumstances and experiences of each individual. I feel so fortunate to have been born and raised in the USA. Sure, it’s not perfect here but compared to the lives of those born in so many other places, it is heaven. If you are a citizen of the USA, you are a lucky soul.
I hope you all had a Christmas season with joy, laughter and time to reflect. Ours was bursting with joy, loud with laughter and then when everyone went home, lots of time for reflection and eating leftovers! We had 27 for our Christmas Eve dinner; we are nearly reaching capacity. Trust me it was a lively time at our home with 6 great-grands, ages 1, 2, 4 ,5, 6 and 8, running around with unsuppressed excitement! The oldest great-grand, age 12, hung out with the teenage grands. One daughter lives in Switzerland and couldn’t come home this year, three grandsons were not here, two by choice and one by distance BUT he will be returning to British soil from his post in Nigers, Africa in 20 more days. Woo hoo!
We hosted a Christmas dinner party for a few friends on December 18. We had 17 for dinner, our college granddaughter came over that day to visit and help me prepare. Turns out I would not have made it without her help! I still wasn’t ready when guests arrived. But not many noticed when I exited to do a quick change. We all had a great time. And our granddaughter stayed all night after helping with the clean-up.
We watched four movies during December, not including many Hallmark Christmas movies while I was putting the finishing stitches in my fleece blanket Christmas gifts.(Rather quickly, they all kind of run together for me.)
 Beyond the Blackboard was a wonderful movie about a young teacher and her first teaching position. It was so good that my husband shouted “Bravo” when it ended. I’ve never seen him do that for any movie before!
Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood, the story of Mr. Rogers and his impact on one young family was another wonderful movie. We both loved it. It truly was an unmatched children’s show. I remember watching it when my children were young. It was on just before nap time.( I’m still not sure needed their naps more, me or them!)
Best of Enemies, based on the true story of Durham, NC head of the KKK and a community organizer who reluctantly worked together for school integration. Another totally excellent movie.
Richard Jewell, the Clint Eastwood movie about the falsely accused security guard at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. Disturbing to see how the press and the authorities can distort the law and draw false conclusions that can so adversely affect a person’s life. Whatever happened to ,,, “Innocent until proven guilty by a jury of  their peers.”??? Another excellent, thought provoking movie. 
I read only one  book, an early Christmas gift from my cousin: Kurt Vonnegut/ Pity The Reader On Writing With Style by Suzanne McConnell. It was not a fast or easy read but so worth the time. I even took notes! I was amazed that such a famous writer and great teacher was not even mentioned in my masters classes for my M.A  in Creative Writing. 
I  also read several short Christmas stories which helped keep my Christmas spirit alive.

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Till next time, keep reading my friends!

Later, Ann
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