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February 2017
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Happy St. Patirck’s Day
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Posted by: Ann @ 9:36 pm

It has been the warmest February ever recorded in western Pennsylvania. It’s been so unseasonably warm that nature seems to be confused. I have daffodils and other perennials shooting through the ground. And the weather forecast warns us of a cold blast of winter weather headed our way for the weekend. I will have to cover my budding lilac bush.  March appears to be coming in like a lamb, it will be interesting to see if it goes out like a lion!.  

We started the month by spending 10 days at Hilton Head with family. We and cousin Maureen each rented a three bedrooms condo unit. We had a great time! Last year we were 7: my sisters and their husbands, a cousin and us. The word spread through the family and this year, we were 12. We stayed up late talking and laughing every night. Such fun! It was sunny and warm everyday. We all went to Savannah one day, and of course had to eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant. Maureen and I went to Beaufort, S. C. one day to visit the Pat Conroy museum. Very interesting. He was a fascinating writer who seems to have left this world too soon. And before we knew it, our week together was over. I wonder how many of us there will be next year? My husband and I stayed a day longer with our friends, Helga and Jafar, who live there each winter.

Last Saturday we hosted a dinner for our family, 20 came. It was a fun time. The three great-grandchildren: ages 1, 2 and 3 kept things lively. It was fun to watch them giggle, run and play hide with each other. Though it did get so noisy that my husband had to take his hearing aids out for awhile! Always wonderful to spend time with family.

  My Story Circle review of To The Stars Through Difficulty by Romalyn Tilghman was posted this month at this link:

 My review of  In the Context of Love by Linda Sienkiewicz was chosen as Review Of The Month by Story Circle. It’s an unexpected honor. You can read my review at this link:

Books I have read this month: 

Home by Harlan Coban.  Fiction, action. An exciting, yet deeply moving thriller about friendship, family and the meaning of home. The story starts a decade after two young boys were kidnapped and their trail has long since gone cold… We listened to audio book as we drove to Hilton Head. (We rented it at a Cracker Barrel restaurant and returned it to another Cracker Barrel when we finished it. A great deal, and it helps pass the time for long drives. *We listened to another audio book on the way home, and it was so bad I won’t even mention the title or author.)

The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George. Fiction. A floating bookshop on the Seine River, quirky bookshop owner who refuses to sell books to those he decides are not a good match for a book, a lost writer, unique characters with an unforgettable plot.

Nine of Us, Growing Up Kennedy by Jean Kennedy Smith.  Nonfiction. A sweet fascinating portrayal of the Kennedy family by the youngest daughter and only survivor of the original family. The children had chores and were driven to make every day count by their parents. The author shared many anecdotal memories with her parents and siblings. And, of course, as with any Kennedy book, there were great photos.

The Whistler by John Grisham. Fiction. A fast paced action story about corruption, in native Indian casinos on the Florida panhandle coast, and a judge who bends the law for big money bribes. It was typical Grisham with determined protagonists who risk everything to do the right thing. 

The Forgotten Room by Karen White, Beatriz Williams and Lauren Willig.  Historical Fiction. It was a fascinating novel though sometimes a bit hard to follow. Three women in three different eras are linked together but not the way I expected as the book concluded. A great novel to spend relaxing evenings after long tiring days.

What Happens to Rover When the Marriage is Over by Patti Lawson. Nonfiction. Humorous, common sense and legalese help for all dog owners. The author is a working lawyer and active dog enthusiast. It is definitely worth reading for all dog owners. You don’t have to be heading for a divorce to enjoy and benefit from reading this book!

Longing For Home by Lisa M. Wayman. Historical Fiction. A book sent to me by Story Circle for review. I was totally absorbed in this gripping story of the hardships of the early American immigrants who bravely left all they knew and loved behind to come to this unknown land with no safety nets, few ever saw their country of origin or their loved ones left behind again. Many plot twists and turns, great characters. Review will be ready within the week.

We also watched a few good movies.

La La Land. We loved it! The dancing, singing and special effects photography were magical.

Miss Sloan. Great movie about lobbyists in Washington D.C. Fantastic characters and plots. Excellent acting too.

Hacksaw Ridge. WWII movie about Medic Desmond Doss who served the battle of Okinawa, refused to carry a gun. became the first man in American history to win a Medal of Honor without firing a shot.

Hidden Figures. Yes again, loved it just as much the second time!

Till next time, keep reading my friends.


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