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December 2014
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Merry Christmas!
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Posted by: Ann @ 10:24 pm

Twelve days till Christmas, the shopping is done, though not a gift yet wrapped. We are all decorated, thanks to  grandchildren help after Thanksgiving. The pressure is on, but I think I will make it if I can stay on track. Tomorrow is the annual Christmas pageant at our church. Each rehearsal has been a near disaster but it seems we feel like that every year. Then the big day arrives and the children’s efforts seem to be guided by a higher power when we are down to the wire, and it is simply beautiful.

I have had no time to read any thing except books to review. One more to do before Christmas, then I’m going to take a couple weeks off, and read books from ever growing to-read stack of books. The two books I reviewed for Story Circle this month were both excellent. Juliet’s Nurse by Lois Leveen and The Day the Whistle Blew by Marilyn Nesbit Wood. You can checkout my reviews on the links below:

I went with my fifteen year old granddaughter to see the latest Hunger Game movie and loved, loved, loved it! Also loved Jennifer Lawrence’s sweet mournful rendition of The Hanging Tree.

We also loved Lifetime Network’s mini-series, The Red Tent. It premiered on Sunday and Monday, Dec. 7 and 8. I’d read the book in book club several years ago and loved it. Loved the series even more since our great nephew, Saif Wareth, who lives in England played the part of the evil son, Simeon. It is now being shown often during this month. Yes, we watched it a second time! He is awesome in the movie, and trust me, he is acting. In real life he is fun-loving charming young man with wonderful manners. It has already led to a small role in Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible Five, which he is currently filming.

I had no heart to write my annual Christmas letter this year. Everything seems to be more of an effort than ever before. Nothing feels quite right with Dad gone. I guess it take a bit more than six months to adjust to being an orphan.

Till next time, keep reading my friends. Your comments are always appreciated.


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