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December 2015
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Happy New Year
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Posted by: Ann @ 10:32 am

I hope you’ve had a good Christmas holiday. I intended to write this entry before the BIG day. Obviously that didn’t happen! We had another lovely Christmas this year, definitely worth all the work. It a was wonderful to spend time with our faraway grandchildren who returned to the nest for Christmas. It is fun to see how they’ve matured and the kind of adults they are becoming. Gives us hope for the future.

We’ve been blessed
to have many friends and family visit us during the last few weeks, my
tea pot has had quite a workout.  I’m certainly not complaining, we love

We spent one day driving a couple hours south to visit three widowed aunts, also Aunt June and Uncle Elmer, my only surviving uncle, before Christmas. It was wonderful to spend time with each one. I wish the visits could have been longer, but I believe short visits are better than none at all. We even visited the Mennonite family who bought the farm my siblings and I grew up on. It was a blessing to see the farm house filled with light, laughter and love again, and especially those beautiful little children.

I’ve spent most evenings since Thanksgiving either vegging out– due to exhaustion– watching the Hallmark channel or speed reading Christmas novels, most were extremely predictable. I hope my new novel, Pressure Cooker Christmas will be published by next year. I can safely say that it is not like any of the other holiday books I have read.
The best book I’ve read this month was Where Memories Meet by Christine M. Grote.  It is a memoir about a family caring for their elderly father who has Alzheimer’s Disease. It is well written, educational as well as heart wrenching.
My review is posted on:

Till next time, keep reading my friends … I wish you all health, happiness and prosperity for 2016.

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