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July 2019
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July Blog
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Posted by: Ann @ 3:46 pm
The hot muggy summer days continue to slip away. I enjoy being out in the sunshine and even appreciate rainy days. My morning rituals are watering plants, weeding the garden, and walking the dog. Mowing the lawn takes up at least one day of each week. This month we’ve lived under a cloud of grief due to a favorite cousin’s accidental death in a head-on horrific motor accident on July 3. It is assumed the other driver fell asleep and drifted across the road…regardless two drivers were killed on their way to work the morning of July 3. A terrible tragedy for two families. My cousin was the kind of guy who could take over a room just by walking in, always with a smirk, and slowly look around. Everyone would know he was there and the fun would soon begin!

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 Good books I’ve read this month:

Lily Campbell’s SECRET by Jennifer Bryce. Historical Fiction. (WW1 era) Debut novel by this Australian author. I hope it won’t be her last! It was an enlightening, gripping story with well developed characters and shocking unexpected plot twists.

I read four Hank books by Henry Winkler. Fiction. (Winkler grew up with Dyslexia, and perhaps Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity.) Hank,the main character, manages with all three disorders and lots of humor. The books are targeted to elementary age children. I read them with our 8 year old great grandson, sort of tag team reading, we couldn’t stop before the end of a book because we always wanted to know what was going to happen next. When I grew tired of reading aloud, he took his turn. It was actually quite fun! There are 12 books in the series so far, very inexpensive and totally engaging for 8 year old boys.

Redemption by David Baldacci. Fiction. Thriller/Mystery. it started out a bit slow but once I got into it, I could hardly put it down. Page turning with a complicated plot. It was a follow-up to Memory Man that I read last month. 

My Name Is Mary Sutter by Robin Oliveira. Historical Fiction. (Civil War era) Debut novel, extremely well researched with authentic period details; deals with struggle for woman’s rights, medicine, politics, war, familial interpersonal conflicts and the heroine’s relentless quest to be a surgeon.

*I’ve read a couple other books but decline to mention books I don’t recommend. Each book I mention I also highly recommend!

We have watched three good movies

The Mountain Between Us from Netflix. A very powerful movie about two strangers who charter a small plane to get them ahead of a snow-storm to get a connection to their destinations, but end up crashing in the high Rockies. High drama. *Don’t watch it just before flying!

Yesterday in movie theater. A sweet movie, especially for Beatles music fans, I personally thought the young actor/singer who sang the Beatles songs sang them better than the original group did, certainly with more gusto and passion! And the lovely British actress Lily James was a co-star. Can’t go wrong when she is in a movie!

The Lion King at movie theater. Very much like the original movie, a new song or two, beautiful music. The talking animals freaked me out a little but it was a great story. Probably wouldn’t have gone if our great grandson was not here, though. 

Till next time, keep reading my friends.
Later, Ann
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