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September 2019
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Hello Fall
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Posted by: Ann @ 2:02 pm
 I love this time of the year! I am so happy to see the leaves changing, the cooler temperatures and every thing about this season. There are high school football and soccer games, lots of cheering on the grandchildren in their various sports. Also as the days get shorter, somehow it just feels cozier. 
I have not read as many books as usual this month because I committed16 hours to watching the Ken Burn’s History of Country Music special on PBS. My husband’s background was loving classical music and he’s gently taught me to appreciate it too. I grew up listening and singing along to country music. He’s learned to like some of my country music. BUT after watching this Ken Burns special he became a bonafide country music fan! I ordered the sound track from the show from Amazon. He’s ordered several individual cds of the early country performers! (And he must not be the only one because Amazon put him on a wait list until they receive more cds.) I realized after watching all those segments that my life has been like a country song. Good grief.
We’ve also seen three good movies. At the theater: Fallen Angel, an action movie was quite good.
Downton Abbey, loved it! And we hope there will be at least one more. All the sub-plots were delicious.
From Netflix: Bombshell -The Heddy Lamar Story. Very good, much intrigue. The lady was much more than a pretty face, a math genius with a patent for airwave variance, etc. that could have left her and her family multi-billionaires but didn’t.  Interestingly, this was a documentary and used old recorded interviews, photographs and old movie clips to tell her compelling story. 

I have read a couple books won’t mention and one I will. Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry.  Fiction. I received it as birthday gift. I’ve never read anything like it, and it left me feeling happy to have read it. Written in 2000 by a prolific author. Though I’d neve read any of his books before. I recommend
Jayber Crow. The prose is almost poetic. The story is soft and almost sweet at times, but full of meat to think about for a long time after reading the last page.

The winners of the BookSweeps Giveaway were Esther in California and Diane in Rhode Island. They have already received their free Kindle copies of Mother Love, Willow Lane, Book 2. 

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I also have more than a thousand subscribers from all around the world for my Willow Lane Newsletter. And yes, I’m working on my next novel.

Till next time, keep reading my friends!

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