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May 2019
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My Amazon Giveaway
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Posted by: Ann @ 2:06 pm
We are having our first HOT day of summer in n/w Pennsylvania and we are loving it, especially after so many rainy- soggy-wet spring days! There have been so many celebrations in our family this month, hardly know where to start. 

First about my Amazon Giveaway. During the last two months, I tried to set up a promotion for my new book with BookBub, and then Goodreads… without luck. Finally one of my friends suggested I try an Amazon Giveaway. It works! Here is the link:      I am giving away Mother Love, Willow Lane, Book Two, e-books to ten lucky winners. Amazon is taking care of the details. Hurrah for that. (I am still a major klutz with all things computers.) The contest closes on May 26th, so don’t delay.

We celebrated my husband’s 90th birthday for a week. We had family with us from England, Canada and Switzerland plus many from around the USA. On Saturday thirty five family members helped us celebrate with cake and the works. He was almost bowled over with surprise visits from the English great nephews. The next day fifteen of us attended the Southern Tier Symphony at UPB. After intermission, the orchestra serenaded him with Happy Birthday, and the entire audience sang to him. It brought him to tears! Two days later our good friends hosted a surprise birthday party for him at Penn Hills Country Club with his physician colleagues. He also received more than 150 beautiful birthday cards. A large box of his memoirs, The Man From Baghdad, arrived in time for him to give autographed copies to family and friends. It was grand fun, though a bit exhausting too. 

Grandson Ethan, serving in the Air Force is home on leave with his lovely wife, Ana, who is also serving in the Air Force. We’ve been spending as much time with him as possible since he will be heading to Nigers, Arica after his visit home.

This week my daughter will celebrate her 53rd birthday, and her God-daughter, (our granddaughter), Emma, will celebrate her 17th birthday. Then Emma’s mom celebrates her birthday next week a few days after thier oldest daughter, Hayley graduates form Stony Brook U. with a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. Whew!

I’ve read another Bay Tanner mystery this month, Resurrection Road by Kathryn R. Wall. Loved it as I have all her others. 
I am also re-reading Where the Crawdad’s Sing by Delia Owens. The second reading is even more amazing than the first!! I have to be prepared to lead book discussion at book club next week. It’s especially interesting because these two books are set in about the same area of the Carolina coast, BUT oh such different stories!
We have watched a few movies this month: 
1. A Private War, starring Rosamond Pike. True story with very violent war scenes. Excellent movie. (From Netflicks.)
2. Hostiles, starring Christian Bales and Rosamond Pike. Historical fiction of the Indian/pioneer struggles.  Excellent movie, though much violence. (From Netflicks.)
3. What They Had, with Hillary Swank and Blythe Danner. A realistic story of one family’s struggle 
when dementia takes over their physically healthy mother in her 70s. An excellent movie. (Free from local video store.)
4. The Long Shot with Charlize Theron. Entertaining fiction but not nearly as good as reviews and movie trailer’s led us to expect. (At local movie theater.)
5. Marshall, an excellent movie! The story of the first African American to serve on the Supreme Court. He was so much more qualified than any of the recent appointees. He argued 32 cases before the Supreme Court before his appointment. Great movie! (From Netflicks.)

Till next month, keep reading my friends.
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