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September 2013
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My favorite time of the year…
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Posted by: Ann @ 7:16 pm

The evening air is brisk, the days are mostly sunny, the leaves are changing to vibrant red, yellow, gold and orange…it reminds me of an artist’s palette. Yet, I meet so many people who fail to see the beauty of this season and complain of the winter to come. And I feel sad for those who are unable to enjoy the beauty around them.

I have been busy writing up a storm for my classes. But not too busy to make time to read, as well as enjoy my family and friends. I’ve re-read Elizabeth Berg’s Open House, Anne Tyler’s Back When We Were Grown-Ups and Ann Hood’s The Obituary Writer. I’d highly recommend each of them to any one looking for a good book. I was amazed how much more I got out of each one the second time around.

I also re-read Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s Gift of the Sea. It’s an awesome powerful inspiring book with universal wisdom. It was first published in 1955. I must have been too young the first time I read it, this time it was a God send!

Last Friday night I attended a mini-class high school class reunion with my brother in law, we graduated together. It was a great to see everyone again. We have an exceptionally close class and there seems to be nothing but caring and kindness towards each other. Maybe there was a few who tried to impress others the first twenty or so years after high school… But now as our survival numbers dwindle, everyone is on an equal par as it should be. Did I mention it was fun too?

This has to be a short blog due to my time restraints. And I hope none of you lose sleep over the government shutting down. I won’t. To me it is just more politics. Yikes! 

Keep reading my friends. Ann

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