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May 2014
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Sunshine and Graduations
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Posted by: Ann @ 9:55 am

The sun is shining as the dew lingers heavily on the lawn. The surrounding hillside forests are lush and green. We suffered through days and days of rain to reach this level of beauty. Tonight I will attend a beloved grandson’s high school graduation. In three weeks I will attend my own master’s in creative writing graduation. And believe me, to reach these pinnacles in our lives, there’s been plenty of rain. Life is never without pain. But when the joys over shadow the pain, we can count ourselves lucky.  My grandson has joined the Airforce and will leave for San Antonio, Texas later this summer. His choice has taught me once again how conflicting emotions can sit side by side in a grandmother’s heart: fear, sadness and pride. He has an exceptionally kind heart, is a sweet, handsome and intelligent  young man. And you can trust me completely to give an honest unbiased opinion. Really.

We just returned from a long weekend in NYC with our twelve year old granddaughter. We have taken each grandchild to NYC to celebrate their twelth birthday; this was our ninth birthday trip to the city. Our youngest granddaughter is ten so we’ll be on the train again in two years. We enjoyed two Broadway shows, Matilda and Cinderella. We sat on top of the double decker bus in the pouring rain…they provide plastic covers for rainy days! We stood in line for two hours to go to the top of the Empire State Building and rode the Skyride. We visited the Tenement Museum in the lower east side. We enjoyed Central Park on a rickshaw type bicycle and The Museum of Natural History. She especially enjoyed the Planetarium show about the Big Bang Theory. It was mind boggling. Of course shopping at Macy’s, Toys R Us and FAO Swartz. She had a ball. It is a great bonding time, and hopefully provides our small town grandkids with a glimpse of life outside of our rural comfort zones.

I have read several books, the only one I will mention is Francine River’s Her Mother’s Hope. A beautifully written historical fiction with well developed characters and unexpected plot twists.

Story Circle has accepted me as part of their review team. Sing in the Morning, Cry at Night is my second review for them. It is one of my favorite books ever. To read my review, click this link:

We watched The Book Thief last night on DVD.Wonderful movie! I’d read the book several years ago. Extremely well acted and it followed the book better than I expected.

Till next time, keep reading my friends.

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