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March 2015
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Happy St Patrick’s Day!
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Posted by: Ann @ 3:36 pm

For my Irish friends and aren’t we all a bit Irish for St Patrick’s Day?

An Irish Blessing
May you be in  heaven a full half hour
before the devil knows ye’re dead.

Our youngest granddaughter, a wonderful dancer, celebrated her 11th birthday with her parents, and us, by going to a professional Irish dance and music show, Rhythm of the Dance at the university last week. It was a great show, and she especially loved it.

Barbara J Taylor’s visit to Bradford was a wonderful experience for all of us. People braved the worst winter weather in recent memory to meet her and no one was disappointed. You can follow her writing-life adventures at her website:

Please check
contest guidelines for readers who have written their memoirs at the following link:
If you feel a burning desire to write your story, then for goodness sake, start writing if you haven’t already. Thinking about it will not accomplish anything except procrastination. If you write only two pages a day, that would be over over 600 pages in one year. My friends, that is the making of a book. (It also allows for 65 writing-free days!)  I believe in the free flow stream of consciousness in writing. Especially for personal stories. You can check facts and edit after you have completed the first draft and start the re-writes. You may not make the deadline for this year’s contest, but who knows, you might be ready for 2016.

Another writing contest: Short prose, memoir or fiction, please visit and check it out.

I’ve read several books in the last few weeks, one that I have reviewed for Story Circle. You can read the review by clicking on this link:  Hint-hint, I loved it!

I have had several book reviews published at a new online and print journal from Logansport, LA. Click the
following link: Then click Editorials, (at the top of the page), and finally click Book Reviews, you will find them.  Enjoy!

Our dog is sick this weekend. He is eight years old and such an integral part of our lives. First thing tomorrow we call the vet…

We enjoyed Downton Abbey. Yet, this entire short season felt rushed to me, and I hated to see it end. Next year will be the final season. It won’t start till late January 2016. I do hope the last season will be longer than this one. But who can blame the actors, who have so convincingly pretended to be someone else for so long–they must surely be ready for a change.

Till next time, keep reading… and enjoy every day, life is too short for anything less.


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