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September 2015
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A Chill is in the Air
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Posted by: Ann @ 5:41 pm

   Even though September started with a bit of a heat wave, the leaves are beginning to take on their autumn glory and the nights are cooler, making sleep more comfortable. I have been busy preparing my flower gardens for winter, as perennials fade and lose their prime, I trim them back for next spring and summer. And, of course, the cuttings go to the ever growing mulch pile. I am sure many of you are busy with the same fall activities.

 We’ve had grandchildren fall league soccer games, and last Sunday a very blessed event, our first great-grandson was born. AJ, he is a sweet contented 8 lb 6 oz bundle of joy! Yesterday was my turn to prepare dinner for my granddaughter and her family, and help as needed. It was wonderful to send quality time with them. The two year old is so much fun, and what in this world is better than holding a brand new baby? Please see photo on my Facebook page.

 My Story Circle review of Ellis Angels on the Move by Carole Lee Lemata is at: 
It is an intriguing, well researched, historical novel written by a long time nurse who clearly knows nursing inside out.  Multi-layered characters and a plot with many unexpected twists and turns makes for a great read.

Last week we attended Rich Little’s performance at UPB, it was such a fun evening! He is truly a comic genius and the laughs were just what we needed.

Today we had to empty our living room/dining room, as well as our foyer to have some repair work and painting done. Last winter the extreme cold caused our home to settle or shift just a bit. All the pictures from the walls and tables, lamps, tables, etc. The list goes on and on. We are also having our hardwood floor sanded and re-varnished. Our Lucas must go to the kennel for the duration. Yikes, we will be under construction for over a week.

My husband has written a very interesting memoir, and I’ve been spending my reading time proof reading it for him. So no new books to report on this month.

Till next time, keep reading , my friends.

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