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October 2018
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Happy Halloween
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Posted by: Ann @ 3:40 pm

I’ve always felt Halloween is the silliest of all holidays, though I celebrate to satisfy the child in me, as well as the child in our friends and the rest of the family. None of the great-grandchildren live close enough to come to our home trick or treating and the neighbor children have all grown up. So Halloween is not much fun anymore. After tonight, we can forget about it until next year. I have a big dish of candy waiting by the door just in case. If no one comes, then all the candy will go in the freezer and wait for my sons for their hunting camp adventures after Thanksgiving.

It’s another cold rainy day. But it’s been a productive day for me. My daughter stopped by this morning for a visit which is always extra nice for us. I’ve been making double fleece blankets for all the grandchildren for Christmas gifts, and for aunts and an uncle, a couple fund raiser auctions and friends. It seems every time I think I’ve almost finished, I think of two or three more I should make! Good grief.

We hosted a dinner party last Friday evening for several of my husband’s colleagues and their spouses, by now, all are our good friends. We’ve been using up the leftovers since then. A good bonus for all the work last week!.

Books I read this month:

I am currently reading Them by Senator Ben Sasse. Nonfiction. It is not a fast read, but well written, well researched, informative and NECCESARY reading for all thinking citizens of Planet Earth! I’m sure I will mention it again in November’s blog.

A Quiet Fear by Thia Keen, fiction based on the writer’s life. It is an excellent book, though difficult reading at times. It deals with child sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

The Rooster Bar by John Grisham. Fiction. Typical Grisham, he takes on the student loan fiasco that has so many young people under water before they ever get started with their lives.

Amy and Isabel by Elizabeth Strout. This is one of her early books. A coming of age mother/daughter story set in New England as most of her stories are. The writing is superior with her flair for literary details even then. It is definitely worth reading, I found it in our used book store.

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine by Scottish writer, Gail Honeyman’s debut novel. Fiction. It was a Reese Witherspoon book club selection. It had wonderful reviews. It was supposed to be hysterically funny, it was compared to A Man Called Ove, but was not even close. It is a well written novel, but more sadly pathetic than funny.

You can read my Story Circle review of the memoir, The Trail to Tincup by clicking this link:    It was an  interesting story. 

We had an excellent Book Club discussion about the The Great Alone by Kristen Hannah. Everyone loved the novel and it was reported that it will be made into a movie. Good choice by Hollywood. I hope they don’t ruin it.

I hosted Book club this month, so I could introduce the books to consider for next month. The club chose the Australian ‘book of the year’, Jane Harper’s debut novel, The Dry. They are all in for a treat!


We are still watching 24. We will begin Season 6 later this week, and we know that will mean more late night 24 marathons!  (Did I mention we are totally binging on this series and it is very addictive?)

We went to the theater to see  A Star is Born. It was wonderful! Bradley Cooper can sing, also direct, produce and act. AND then there is Lady Gaga. I’d never paid any attention to her, thought she was silly with all those crazy costumes. BUT what a talent. Together they were amazing.

Victoria and Abdul, we rented the DVD, it was a beautifully done. Judi Dench played Victoria. Another excellent movie. 

 Dr. Thorne, we rented this 4 part mini series - on one DVD,  set in the English country side in the 1800s, based on novel, Dr. Thorne, by Anthony Trollope with screenplay adaptation by Jullian Fellowes. Wonderful! if you liked Downton Abbey,  you will love Dr. Thorne! 

Still working on my upcoming book, and getting closer.

Till next time, keep reading my friends.



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September Blog
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Posted by: Ann @ 5:34 pm

 On this the rainiest day we’ve had in a long time, I am finally writing my blog for September. And it is only two days into October. At least not as tardy as last month’s blog! I have attended several soccer games, our 16 year old granddaughter is an awesome player. She made two goals at yesterday’s game and almost two more except the girls on the other team prevented the ball from going into the net. My son always reminds me that’s what the other team is supposed to do. Can’t help it, still upsets me every time they block her would-be goals!

Two weeks ago we took two other granddaughters, one was a great granddaughter, to Buffalo for dinner and the touring Broadway musical, Charley and the Chocolate Factory at Shea’s Theater in Buffalo. They loved it and we all had a great time, didn’t arrive home until 12:30 A.M.. The next day I had to drive them home early. (Had a sub for my Sunday school class.) Then I drove the 11 year old to Brookville, PA for her soccer game. We arrived early and went for a drive past the family farm where my siblings and I grew up. When we settled my dad’s estate a few years ago we sold it to a wonderful Mennonite family, and they are taking wonderful care of it. Made me feel ambivalent seeing it again, and miss those days gone by… We went back to the soccer fields and I watched another soccer game; I even took the younger great-grands for a short walk and watched a 4-H Horse Show near the game. And again on the same day, memories took me back many years, to when I was young and rode in horse shows. After the games I met my sister and her husband for a nice long visit at a local restaurant. It was a good day and I was home before dark and fixed dinner for us, even though I wasn’t really hungry after eating most of the deep fried Mozzarella sticks I’d shared with my family! I missed lunch that day and they’d already eaten lunch.

Most of my reading this month has been continuing education credits preparations to renew my PA state nursing license. I worked very hard to get my license and plan to keep it as long as I can. A person just never knows when they just might have to go back to work! 

My review of A Dying Note, has been posted on Story Circle:

I did read a couple novels that were not worthy of recommending to anyone. I read one book that was quite remarkable, A Quiet Fear by Thia Keen and I loved it… Well, as much as you can love a book about the horrors of sexual child abuse by her manipulating godfather/uncle. It was fiction based on her own childhood trauma in hopes to teach and inspire awareness in others. This book was sent to me by Story Circle for review.

We went to Michele Bell and Catherine Matejka’s concert/recital at St Bonaventure U. in Allegany, N.Y. last Friday evening. Phenomenal music! He was a versatile performer, had been part of the 5th Dimension singing group back in the 1960s and 70s. Cynthia was the best piano player I’ve ever heard! The were sponsored by St. Bonaventure’s Friends of Good Music.

We have finally finished Season 3 of 24. What s show! Can’t help wondering sometimes, what would Jack do? Just kidding!

Some of you might be wondering what is happening with my new book and the newsletter. Well, sadly my author assistant has had to close her business. I have taken over my own project. I truly hope by next moth at this time, I will have some concrete news about the completion.

Till next time, keep reading my friends.

Later, Ann

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