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February 2014
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Cozy Winter Days
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Posted by: Ann @ 4:37 pm

This is the first winter of my life that I’ve joined the legions of others who think winter is best enjoyed inside looking out at it through a window. Gosh, it must be an aging thing! But, of course, there are sidewalks to shovel as the snow piles up, and the dog to take for daily walks…in all kinds of weather.

This is perfect weather for reading beside the fire. A few of the great books I’ve enjoyed the past few weeks are: Unmentionables by Lori Loewenstein, Sing in the Morning, Cry at Night, by Barbara J.Taylor - (I reviewed a galley copy, won’t be released until July 2014) It is a GREAT novel! Also Time Traitor by Todd McClimans, and As the Wolf Loves Winter by David Poyer. All were page turners with gripping plots and unforgettable characters. David Poyer is on the faculty at Wilkes University and the other three novels were written by graduates of the Wilkes University Creative Writing Masters Program.

I survived my Wilkes residency week, it was grueling at times but also fun. I learned so much during the classes and workshops. One of my friends said she felt like she survived a week in a fire tunnel. It was definitely the most difficult residency week I’ve experienced so far.

I have begun my last semester of the Wilkes C. W. P. and I’m loving it. This is the semester for digging deeper to make my characters come to life and tweak my novel to make it the best work I can possibly do. Whew! It is hard work but wonderful too.

During the last few weeks we’ve see these movies: Spirit of St. Louis, Twenty Feet From Stardom, Saving Mr. Banks, and Jack Ryan. All were entertaining. My favorite by far was Saving Mr. Banks. In fact I went to see it twice. Loved it! And then, of course, Sunday nights we are glued to Downton Abbey. 

Till next time, stay warm and keep reading…

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