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January 2013
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Sub Zero Winter Days
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Posted by: Ann @ 4:27 pm

You know we’re tough when when we think 11 degrees is a heat wave. But that’s how it is for us northwestern Pennsylvanians. And you know it’s really cold when you walk your dog and he tries to walk alternating on three feet, self protecting one foot at a time in the freezing snow.

Yesterday the Bradford Public Library hosted a review/discussion of Garth Stein’s The Art of Racing in the Rain. It was very well attended. Enthusiastic momentum is building in anticipation of the author’s visit on April 17. I wrote a review and will be recording it for BookMark at WPSU in State College. Since it’s the second dog story I’ve reviewed in as many years, they teasingly said they would designate me their official dog book reviewer!

Tomorrow my third Master’s class will start and my days will certainly get busier again. I will mostly miss having time to read good books for pleasure. I read another book by Lesley Kagen, Land of a Hundred Wonders. And I loved it. I wanted to buy a copy in audio cd format for my daughter. (She’s in sales and drives long distances. Audio books are how she keeps up with her reading.) But it was not available in  audio. Unbelievable. I’m seriously thinking about recording it for her myself! (Yeah, right with all this extra time I have… Not.) I’m definitely buying the other books L. Kagen’s written, she’s a truly gifted writer.

Interestingly, Garth Stein wrote a review used in the front of Kagen’s book. There was a loyal dog in this book but only with secondary character status. The book was poignant, laugh outloud funny at times as well as a real page turner with unforgetable characters. He said the protagonist ‘Gibby,was Quite Right…’ If you read the book, I’m certain you’ll agree with Mr. Stein and me!

Rec’d this review on the revised edition of Mother Love:

Across oceans the bonds of family still hold strong. Mother Love is a novel from Ann McCauley, following Barbara Malone, who joins the Peace Corps…she faces the endurance of the adventure while still being a  mother to her adult children back home, Mother Love will resonate with many women facing thier own struggles with adult children from afar.—Willis M. Buhle, Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Till next time, stay warm, my friends, and keep reading.

Later, Ann


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January Thaw
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Posted by: Ann @ 4:42 pm

The Christmas decoratons are all packed away except for a few seasonal snowman decorations. Even though I love the change of seasons and all the holiday decorations, it’s nice to get back to normal.  

Yesterday a friend and I drove to Erie for a Gymnastic Torunament. It was a long day but such fun, there were more than 1000 competitors. (Luckily we had no worries with ice or snow thanks to the January thaw.) There were little gymnasts and their adoring families everywhere we looked at the Bayfront Convention Center! Granddauther Mauley, age 13, competes at Level 5 and won third place all around in her class. She did exceptionally well on the Balance Beam and the Uneven Bars but forgot one small step in her floor routine and was penalized by two whole points. Her routine looked great to us but the expression on her face when it happened indidcated she knew immediately, I’m sure she won’t make that mistake again. My friend said she would’ve liked to have done gymnastics when she was a child, I would’ve loved it too…but it was not available to either of us in the communities we lived in as a children. Though, I doubt I could’ve handled the pressure as well as these chidlren do when they compete individually. It’s a real pressure cooker and their focus and determination is amazing.

I re-read The Art of Racing in the Rain, by Garth Stein and loved it even more the second time. If you like  great writing, smart dogs, Formula One racing and have compassion for the aches and pain of aging…then this is a book for you. Oh yes, and it’s narrated by the dog, Enzo. Incidentally Garth Stein will be at the Bradford High School auditorim to talk about his book on Apirl 17th at 7 p.m….free of charge. (Sponsored by One Book Bradford Community Book Read.)

I will refrain from mentioning two books I’ve read this month, since I was quite disappointed in both.

A couple weeks ago, two of our young granddaughters spent a weekend with us. They wanted to go to see Parental Guidance on Sunday afternoon. So, of course, we did. It was packed, we couldn’t get four seats together, they happily sat directly in front of us which was okay. The entire audience roared with laughter; it was hysterical!

We went to see Les Miserbales and absolutley loved it; to us it was much better than the play on Broadway that we saw several years ago. Both movies are worthy of watching a second time.

I wrote another article, On Becoming Unplugged, which will be in an upcoming issue of the Working Writer. I regret I have not been more disciplined and completed more serious writing goals, but tomorrow is the first day of a brand new week. And I serioulsy plan to be more productive.

Till next time, keep reading my friends… 

Later,  Ann

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