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September 2012
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Rainy Days, Old Friends and Homemade Soup
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Posted by: Ann @ 12:59 pm

Yesterday may have looked like a rainy Friday to others, for me it was transformed into a beautiful sunny day in my heart as I enjoyed a visit from three childhood friends. Our lives took us in many different directions but we always stayed in touch and the bonds of our friendship remain strong. One is battling cancer and two have been widowed over the last few years but we’ve always been there for each other… And that’s without Facebook. I made a big pot of creamy potato soup and it hit the spot. (It was good enough that my husband didn’t even complain when we had leftovers for dinner last night, good sport that he is!)

Amazingly we were all cheerleaders together way back when–but I must clarify an often forgotten fact, especially to young readers. In the old days, there were NO sports for girls. Sports were for BOYS only! Girls could be cheerleaders. Period.That was it. We could only cheer for the boys sports. I don’t know why we blindly accepted that as fair but we did. It was the way it was and we were not supposed to rock the boat.

Thank goodness, times have changed for the better.  Over the years I have proudly attended sporting events for my grandsons football, soccer, track and basketball as well as my granddaughters soccer, basketball, track, volleyball and gynmnastics. This as it should be and as it should’ve been…

My writing course is great, part of me wishes I’d done this years ago. I believe: ”To everything there is a season.” And this is my season for the masters writing class.

Besides my required reading, I’ve read one good book, Zero Day by David Baldacci. The intrique, characters, their dialouge and interactions were great throughtout the book. Though I was disappointed with the ending, it was still worth reading.

We watched a good movie from Netflicks, Fair Game with Sean Penn and Naomi Watts, the story of Valerie Plain, excellent movie.

Ithaca Lit’s fall issue is online now with Carol Smallwood’s interivew of me. To read it, just click

Till next time, enjoy the beautiful autumn weather and keep reading my firends.

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Later, Ann