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April 2018
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Wishing Spring Was Really Here!
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Posted by: Ann @ 6:59 pm

I do not remember experiencing such a cold April as this one has been. Pennsylvanians love the change of seasons, and we are desperately waiting for real spring weather. Two weeks ago on a snowy windy day, we lost a couple shingles from our roof. Luckily we live in a small tight community and within an hour of our desperate phone call, our contractor friend was on our roof with extra shingles from the shed, and a couple hours later, the roof was as good as new. Double lucky because the icy rain started a few hours later. Last week we finally put our snow shovels away. I spent much of this day outside in the wind and sunshine. I hung our sheets on the clothes line to dry, nothing beats bed sheets smelling of sunshine and wind.

We had a wedding this month, even thought we didn’t attend, our thoughts were with them on April 7. Our Air Force grandson married his beautiful fiancĂ©, she’s also in the Air Force. The wedding was in England. We plan to have a BIG celebration when they come back to the states. The wedding photos were gorgeous, he wore a tux and she had a lovely wedding gown, I so wish now that we had made the trip!     

We’ve also been busy with Track Meets, (brrrr…they have mostly been cold this year), our granddaughter is a senior in high school and she’s a champion pole vaulter. She already has a track scholarship to Mansfield University. Her younger sister is having a great year this year in track also, winning in long jumps and relay races. Some times I can’t help wondering if I’d have been any good at some of these events way back when. But in those days there were no options for girl sports. I’m very glad things have changed. Another granddaughter was awesome in her dance recital.    

And  it seems it is always someone’s birthday in a family as big as ours! We have a small group of friends who gather at our home very other Wednesday evening, we’ve been doing this for years. The open discussions are stimulating and sometimes tempers almost flair. Most importantly at the end of each session, we’re still friends.      

Yesterday we went to the Strattanville American Legion for a banner reception to honor all veterans of the area.  One hundred fifty four banner flags were on display inside the Legion, including one for my father. Fifteen family members gathered for pictures and reminiscing: it was a wonderful afternoon. Dad received a purple heart and three gold stars for combat missions - he rarely talked about WW2 and refused to ever watch any war movies. Five of my high school classmates were among the honored flags for Vietnam era service, two deceased. The flags will be hung for public display from before Memorial Day until just after Veterans Day.

We are now losing sleep watching 24 through Netflix - not staying up late binging, but our adrenalin is revved up with the tension of the show, fantastic script writing!

I read Hidden Tapestry by Debra Dean. Biography. *It was like no other book I ever read - unforgettable.  Please read my review by clicking this Story Circle link:

I read Faith  by Jimmy Carter. Christian memoir. It was a gift and I loved it, so inspiring. I have read almost all of his books and admire him very much. We attended his Sunday School class in Plains GA several years ago, it was one of the best experiences of our lives. We still have a photo of us with Rosalyn and Jimmy on our fireplace mantel.

I read The Great Alone by Kristen Hannah. Fiction. WOW! This author is amazing. It deals with PTSD, domestic abuse, coming of age, moving to Alaska’s frontier with no preparations for surviving the winter and so much more. The characters are well developed and the plot is wickedly smart and unpredictable. Loved it!

I read Twilight Empress by Faith L. Justice. Historical fiction about Roman aristocracy between 410 and 461 A.D.
It is well researched, with twisted plot developments and great characters. Especially the protagonist, Roman Empress and Gothic Queen Placidia, she suffered loss, love and betrayal. Palace intrigue was almost like a secondary character. (This book was also sent to me for review by Story Circle. My review has not been submitted yet.)

It is unbelievable how long my next project is taking. Should be ready to launch within the next few days. I will keep you posted! Until next time, keep reading my friends.

Later, Ann


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