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October 2019
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October Blog
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Posted by: Ann @ 5:17 pm
It’s been pouring most of the day. A terribly rainy night for all the little trick or treaters. The weather forecasts we may get our first snow tomorrow. And that makes me glad I had my winter tires installed this week. It is that time of the year. The days seem to fly by faster each month. Some people suggest I have too much to do. I can’t quite agree with that. I only do what needs to be done, and then a few extra projects here and there! Family birthdays must be recognized, our youngest great grandchild recently celebrated her first birthday. Great grandchildren are wonderful reviews of child development courses! On family vacation early last summer, she was nine months old and clung to her parents, if they were in sight, the rest of us were nothing but dead meat! Four months later she’s a fearless little explorer who chases her much larger dog around relentlessly, giggling all the while. It is such fun to watch them grow, she has become great buddies with her two year old cousin. 

Another granddaughter was crowned Homecoming Queen of her High School, her sister had been Homecoming Queen just two years earlier. Such sweet memories for them and all of us! However…I can’t help remembering my dad’s opinion of high school queens, and their courts. (He was on the school board the whole time I was in school.) My sisters were both Prom Queens and I was on the Prom court. (We didn’t have homecoming at my school.) Dad refused to go to any of those coronation ceremonies because he felt it was a cruel ritual for all the girls who were never on the courts. That was my dad, always taking a stand for his beliefs. However, if you had seen me at my granddaughter’s homecoming ceremonies, you’d never believe I was his daughter. Sorry Dad, I couldn’t help being so happy and excited for the girls!
Please keep our Air Force grandson in your prayers. He’s serving in an outpost in Nigers, Africa. We can’t help but worry about him. He has three more months until his time there is up.

There is a great little bookstore in Wellsboro that I highly recommend everyone who likes to read should visit. From My Shelf Books and Gifts, this week it was named one of the top 25 indie book stores in the USA. They also sell all my books. To visit, copy and paste:   (The owner, Kevin Coolidge, is also the author of a delightful series for elementary students: The Totally Ninja Raccoons. Very creative and exciting stories with beautifully illustrated characters. Also very reasonably priced, great Christmas gift idea for young readers.) We enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Native Bagel and then drove ten miles to visit the PA Grand Canyon, it was seasonally colorful and beautiful. I’d never been there before, I am so glad we were able to see it. Then we visited our college sophomore granddaughter at Mansfield University. We took her out to dinner and had lots of fun. She is such a kind and happy sweet girl. 

I finished almost all of our outside pre-winter gardening, and was rewarded with two more bee stings…right through the fabric of a long sleeved denim shirt! Ouch, I could hardly believe it! 
The roses are still in blossom and thriving. I hope to get a nice photo of the roses while partially covered with snow. 

I’m also in the midst of sewing a large stack of fleece blankets for Christmas gifts. Last year I made forty-four, this year I’m making only about sixteen. 

I have been working for months to get my Amazon author’s page to the point I wanted to share it:
It amazes me how much patience and diligence are required to achieve these small goals. I still want to   edit my profile a bit but haven’t figured out how to do it yet. Meanwhile, I continue to work on my next novel.

Good books I’ve read this month
I finished reading, for the second time, The Bay Tanner Mystery series by Kathryn R. Wall. Fiction. Love the characters and the plots. Great fun reads.

The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks. Fiction. There were many surprising twists and turns to this plot. Strong, easy to like characters. I am glad I read this novel.

 The Forgotten Road by Richard Paul Evans. Fiction. Another book I am glad I read, though the plot was a bit less believable and the character not so likable. I won’t soon forgot the story though, it is the second novel in a trilogy about the protagonist. But it can easily be read as a stand alone novel. 

It’s My Turn by R. J. Marcott. Fiction. This is a fast paced novel with likable characters and a plot with many surprises. The author’s wit and wisdom shine through to create a unique story, the question at the top of the back page: Can Erika build a life of her own after her marriage to the cross-dressing-church-lady organist? (Erika is the protagonist.)

We’ve seen three movies:
Wonder, a heart warming family movie about a young boy with a badly scarred face learning to deal with his peers after years of protective home-schooling. This is a feel-good movie.

Luce, another family movie, well acted with layers of complex issues barely exposed. It is not a feel good movie, very complicated and sad.

The Commuter with Liam Neesen. Action/suspense movie, fast-paced with layers of deception and intrigue. A good movie.
Till next time. Keep reading my friends!

Later, Ann
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