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October 2021
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Life is precious…
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Posted by: Ann @ 10:48 am

It is a rainy spring day. And I’m feeling sentimental. Life truly is precious…sometimes I think we need to step back, take a deep breath and count our blessings. Maybe it’s just me but I’d wager most of you have noticed time seems to be flying faster than the speed of light. Days quickly blend into weeks which melt into months that soon slip into years. And it can all change in a second.  

My ninety year old father insists everyone should learn something new everyday. I take it a step farther and believe we need to do something kind for someone everyday…and not just strangers. Haven’t we all known people who get so involved doing great things for others that they forget to show the same level of concern and kindness to those closest to them?

We arrived home last week from a cruise which included passing through the Panama Canal. Awesome! The lock systems handled the huge ships so deftly that it all seemed easy.Though, of course, it wasn’t. On one lock there were less than 6 inches to spare on either side of the ship! It took ten hours to cross due to some ship congestion. It still baffles my mind. We listened to lectures and watched documentaries on the ship about the building process of the canal on the days prior to the crossing. Building the canal was a huge endeavor for its time and took many years longer to complete than was originally anticipated. The French were forced to abandon their efforts. The U.S. eventually finished the project. Malaria was one of the biggest enemies of the project.

On Sunday we celebrated Easter a week late with our family, five were missing and we still had 20 for dinner. It was a nice day. The children had a fun finding eggs which were scattered all over the lawn and gardens. Today our daffodills are almost ready to bloom. Life is good.

I read seven books. I took my laptop and completed some writing while on the ship. We also watched a few good movies. We met interesting new people from all over the USA and several other countries.  More about that next time.

Keep reading, my friends…

Later, Ann

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