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October 2022
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Illusions of Perfection
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Posted by: Ann @ 8:59 pm

I worked hard getting ready for our holiday guests, everything looked about as perfect as I could make it. I’d even picked all the dead parts off the dozen large pots of red geraniums. After serving mid-morning coffee on our picturesque front porch, cousin Jack, sat down on the thick colorful pad on the white wicker sofa was suddenly surrounded by bees. Lots of bees. Thankfully he escaped without being stung. My husband bravely investigated and found a large nest under the pad with hundreds of bees. So much for the illusion of perfection…Three cans of wasp and bee spray under the kitchen sink made us feel secure until we realized they were all nearly empty! A quick trip to town prepared us for our mission tonight. We killed them all and the mess is cleaned up.

Speaking of messes, it seems several messes were slammed in our faces this week. I avoid discussing politics in this venue but I can’t stop myself from mentioning Miley Cyrus. I know that will only make her feel even more important if it somehow registers that her name has been mentioned yet again. But the truth is that poor girl is riding full speed ahead for a mighty fall…unless her long term goal is to work in strip clubs. Several weeks ago her father gave a heart breaking interview to a religious magazine. I read it online. He regrets the entire Hannah Montana adventure. He regrets trying to be her friend instead of being the father she needed, one who set boundaries as well as an example and one who’d say no when necessary. Later I talked to a friend and we couldn’t think of more than two child stars who’d lead stable adult lives. Shirley Temple and Ron Howard. Perhaps there are a few more that I don’t know about.  I wonder if our entertainment is worth all those damaged lives left craving more attention after their time in the spotlight is over. Miley certainly made it clear she is not ready to be ignored!

My article, To Use or Not to Use Pennames, was published in Sept./Oct. Working Writer The same article is also in the current Newsletter of Penn Writers Inc. Believe me, writers feel good when editors like our work and ask for more. My Masters writing courses are keeping me on my toes, but I’m enjoying it. I feel I am growing as a writer and that makes me happy.

We saw the movie The Butler and we can’t say enough good about it. A very powerful movie, destined to be a classic. Forest Whitaker and Oprah gave such fantastic performances, even though Jane Fonda was in it, her part was very small, maybe seven seconds, and she looked and acted like Nancy Reagan.

I’ve read several books but they’ve been for my classes and I doubt anyone would be interested in reading them for pleasure.

Till the next time, keep reading and remember life is too short not to live each day to the fullest.


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