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October 2023
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Autumn Leaves
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This will be a short blog today. Life is good, but not perfect. But then that’s about as good as it ever gets. I’ve felt more like myself the last two weeks than I have at any time since my father’s passing in June 2014. Looking back, the last three months are kind of a blur.

I’ve read several books. Three worth mentioning. A nonfiction, The Search for Anne Perry by Joanne Drayton, was unforgettable. It was published in 2014 by Arcade Publishing. I reviewed it for Story Circle.
Click:  to read my review.

Another good one was an anthology: Knee Deep and Ankle High edited by Gail L. Jenner, published 2014 by Two Dot, an imprint for Globe Pequot Press.  To read my review, click:   It’s an eclectic collection of stories and essays by fifty-four country women from the west. But you don’t have to be from the west or even from rural America to enjoy this anthology.   

And finally, The Good American, by Alex George published 2012 by Penquin Group. It started a bit slow for me but since it was a gift from a respected friend who’d loved it. I stayed with it, and it was a wonderful book. The kind of book that makes me sad to read the last page because I miss the characters and the place that had become so familiar. It is a saga of three generations of a German immigrant family who settled in Missouri in the early1900s. I highly recommend it.

Great news for author Barbara J.Taylor, her debut novel has sold over 10,000 copies in three months. It is in the second printing. An official best seller! I received an advance review copy last spring and absolutely loved it. To read my review, click:

We don’t get HBO, so we decided to use Netflicks to watch the first three episode of three shows we’d read and heard so much about. First we watched Breaking Bad. It was well done, and held our attention but we agreed three shows were enough. Then we watched House of Cards, we came close to renting more but decided three episodes were enough of this one too.But the third series, Homeland, grabbed us. I hate to admit it but we are officially addicted to it. It is an amazing show.

My biggest news is the release of the long awaited anthology, Writing After Retirement, Tips from Successful Retired Writers, edited by Carol Smallwood and Christine Redman-Waldeyer, published September 2014, by Scarecrow Press. I am one of twenty-six contributors.  To learn more about this anthology, click:

Writing After Retirement is expected to be a mainstay reference for libraries as a resource for those who want to write their stories after retiring. it provided a variety of vantage points from published authors, and paints a realistic portrayal of what it takes to get started as a writer.

Oops! I guess it wasn’t such a short blog after all. Till next time, keep reading my friends. Your comments are appreciated.

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