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October 2021
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Who is your favorite female protagonist??
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Posted by: Ann @ 10:59 am

I love to look at the wall of books in our family room, it is filled with characters who have become part of my life. They have taken me to places I may never visit and if I do, I’ll likely have a sense of deja vu. I have met people I would never have had the opportunity to meet in my everyday life. And they have told me such secrets that it is almost shocking! I have lived through history, almost as a time traveler without ever leaving the comfort of my recliner…yes, reading is one of my favorite past times.

Some of my books have brought such comfort and joy to my life that I’ve read them several times, they are like good friends to me. However there have been times I’ve loved a book and upon reading it the second time, I wonder what I thought was so special about it the first time! I bet I’m not the only one who has experieinced this phenomena. And who of us hasn’t had at least one friend who has disappointed us?

I had an interesting message on web mail a few days ago, a list of the 50 Most Unforgettable Female  Protagonists in Literature. There were the expected names of Scarlett O’Hara of Gone With the Wind, Jo March of Little Women and of course Jane Eyre, Anna Karenina as well as Pippi Longstocking. And strangely Storm from Marvel Comics was listed! Two of my favorites were missing; Lara of Dr. Zchivago and Scout Finch of To Kill a Mockingbird. You can check THE list by clicking on the link below. And even better you can nominate your favorites in the comment box.  

Till next time…keep reading!

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  1. Lindsay Says:
    I’m with you–I love being surrounded by good books! :D

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