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February 2013
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Playing catch up…
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Posted by: Ann @ 5:46 pm

I’ve been playing catch up this week. We returned late Monday evening, Feb. 18, from ten days in Florida. The natives were shivering due to the cool weather but to us snowbirds…it was pleasant, light jacket weather. Certainly a nice break from the cold winter days of northwest Pennsylvania. (Yes, we like snow but by this time of the year, we’re ready to say, “Good-by Winter.”)

On Feb. 9 we drove four hours form the Gulf coast of Florida to Americus, Georgia and stayed overnight. We rose early on Feb 10, ate a quick breakfast and drove nine miles to Plains, Gerogia and attended Sunday School class at the Maranatha Baptist Church. President Jimmy Carter was the teacher. It was a truly awesome experience. One of the highlights of my life! He’s the only former president that I’m aware of who regurlarly makes himself available to anyone who choses to attend his Sunday School class. No reservations and no charge, first come first served. The church is welcoming to all. There’s plenty of security, Secret Service, as well as local Sherriffs with their canine team, sniffing cars in the parking lot. Everyone is subjected to a screening and bag searches, similar to airport security.   

Jimmy Carter is 88 years old, his beautiful Rosalynn is 85. They look great and are full of energy. He made the wooden cross hanging in the front of the church as well as the offering plates. Later when I went to the Carter Museum, I learned that he built most of the wooden furniture in their home. I also toured his boyhood home two miles outside of Plains. It is said he’s always doing something, that he never wastes time. He even reads at the table while taking his meals…a custom learned as a child from his mother! Regardless of your politicis, I encourage everyone to make the trip to Plains, an incredibly small town. You can check his teaching schedule online, it is an opportunity for a once in a lifetime experience.  Our photo with Jimmy and Rosalynn is posted on my Facebook page.

We watched two good movies while on vacation. Silver Lining was wonderful. Also Trouble With the Curve. I highly recommend both of them. I also read a couple older novels, retrieved from my mother’s collection of books. Reading books I knew she’d enjoyed somehow made me feel closer to her.

We visited New Orleans last weekend, driving across Alabama, we saw THE Carnival cruse ship docked in Moblile. We enjoyed the visit but really couldn’t see what all the excitement was about. We took a City Highlights Bus Tour. Most of the Katrina damage seems to have been cleaned up and repaired, at least in the sections we saw. Our guide was a character and totally loved his city. It looks far better as a back drop for movies than it does in reality!

I suffered with laptop computer problems while trying to keep up with my writing class. Frustrating but I survived. Till next time, keep reading my friends.

Later, Ann


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